Fashion Interview: Máirín Ní Bheacháin Of MoStyle

It’s the year of shopping and dressing mindfully. Don’t take our word for it – look at the huge success of Marie Kondo, who’s teaching us all how to minimise the amount of stuff we have in our lives – and showing us the importance of truly loving everything we bring into our wardrobes. Or look at the increasing prevalence of ethical fashion movements, which promote investing in a few key items, rather than cramming your wardrobe with inessential pieces.

In the face of this shifting fashion landscape, it’s becoming more important to shop and dress mindfully – but sometimes that can seem incredibly difficult. Who hasn’t stood in front of a full wardrobe and felt like they had nothing to wear, or become stuck in a rut of wearing the same outfits on rotation? But fear not, because a Dublin stylist is on a mission to show you how to make the most of your existing wardrobe.

Máirín Ní Bheacháin, aka MoStyle, is a Blanchardstown native and stylist, dedicated to helping her clients hone their personal style. She gives them the confidence to open their wardrobe every day knowing they’re going to look fantastic. Even as a child, Ní Bheacháin had an eye for style and proportion.

“I always noticed shapes, which helps me, because a lot of people don’t dress for their shape,” notes Ní Bheacháin. “Noticing proportions and fit, and how to make the best of an outfit is really important. I had done dress-making and made jewellery, and always had a sketchbook with designs with me. I also studied photography and used to hoard fashion magazines, so I was really interested in all areas of fashion.”

Despite Ní Bheacháin’s passion for fashion, she didn’t commit to working as a stylist until fairly recently, instead working as a primary school teacher. It wasn’t until a life-altering illness transformed the way she experiences the world that she decided to change her career. After a lengthy illness, three years ago she was diagnosed with Moyamoya; a rare, progressive cerebrovascular disorder, caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain.


“I had basically been having a series of mini strokes and I was a ticking time-bomb for a major stroke,” says the 44-year-old. “The only way you can treat Moyamoya is by having brain surgery. But because I had been ill for five years, my body was quite depleted, and I ended up having a stroke during the surgery. I woke up in A&E afterwards and I couldn’t speak. I wanted to say to my family, ‘It’s me, I’m still here’, but I couldn’t. I was in hospital for about a month and someone handed me a fashion magazine. I realised I couldn’t read it, and I couldn’t write. That was gone. But to be honest, it didn’t even bother me, I was just so glad to be alive.”

When she came out from hospital, Ní Bheacháin struggled with energy and co-ordination, and the side-effects of no longer being able to read.

“Getting the bus into town was even a challenge, because I couldn’t read the bus numbers. But I’ve worked on it, and I can read and write now, and can do basic sums.”

Ní Bheacháin soon realised that her experience gave her the opportunity to pursue her passion, as styling plays to all of her strengths. She also now has a deep appreciation for people undergoing a transformation in their lives, and the power clothes have to help people feel confident and assured. A year ago, she applied for Dress For Success, which provides career development tools for women, and has been working with clients on their wardrobes.

“I’m loving it, I’m getting to my arty dream!” she enthuses. “I teach mindfulness and I’m interested in psychology – I’m so interested in helping building people’s confidence. It’s about finding someone’s individual style and making them feel good.”

Ní Bheacháin does a wardrobe analysis with her clients, looking at their existing wardrobe, talking them through what suits them, and highlighting any gaps.

“I think it really helps people shop more mindfully, so they end up buying what they need instead of filling their wardrobe with clothes they don’t wear. It saves money in the long run!”


To book a styling or shopping session with Máirín Ní Bheacháin, visit, see her Instagram @MoStyle_Dublin, or email her at [email protected]

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