Udom: The Pictogram of Honesty

It is easy to tell who a man is. Even, the Holy Book says that by their fruit, you shall know them. The characteristics of a man are what stand him out among people. If his works are negative, he will certainly be rejected one and if His actions and deeds are upright, he or she will be celebrated.

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Udom Emmanuel: Sent from Heaven!

God has always appointed the rulers of nations on planet earth. One of the most amazing stories in the Bible is when God used 10 jealous, deceitful, and lying brothers, Egyptian slave traders, an Egyptian man and his adulteress wife, a wine server and a baker, a prison guard, and the dreams of a Pharaoh of Egypt to get Joseph into the position of second in command of Egypt, which was God’s way of getting Jacob into Egypt to keep his family from starving during a seven year drought. Joseph said to his brothers about this.

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